The hackathon of the project Digital Tools for Youth Work took place in Vilnius at Vytautas Magnus University Education Academy on the weekend of December 4-5, 2021. The partners of the event were also International Lithuanian-Israeli gifted children’s education program “Gifted”.

🔹The participants of Hack@Youth created, refined and presented ideas for digital tools that would help youth organizations attract more young people to their activities.

🔸For two days, the participants of the hackathon actively worked in teams with the assistance of the team of experienced mentors.

🔹We are happy with the creativity and productivity of the participants! 🙂 Most of the created ideas took into account not a single, but several hackathon topics, for example, involving youth and gamifying the activities of organizations.

🔸So, we present the prizewinners and their ideas:

1st place and 1000 EUR prize for the implementation of the created idea – Vilnius Antakalnis pro-gymnasium team with the idea “Youth Organizations Club”. The team created a new tool on Discord, a server where organizations can more easily reach out to youth. During the event, students created a server prototype and demonstrated its functionality.

2️nd place – international team of participants from Lithuania, France and Estonia, which presented the idea for a mobile application “Young&Bored”. The application is intended to disseminate the activities of youth organizations. An element of gamification is included (youth can change their status from “Bored” to “Cool” depending on how actively they participate in the activities).

3rd place was shared among two ideas of mobile applications:

📲 The idea of ​​Karolis’ application is based on the involvement of three interested parties: youth, youth centers and the local community. In the application, you can create and select missions (for example, cut the grass for a local senior), and points are collected for their completion.

📲 The idea of ​​the Pilviškiu “Santakos” gymnasium was also intended for youth centers. For participating in the activities, young people are awarded points, which they can use to propose their own topics for the center’s activities.

🔹 Once again, we congratulate the prizewinners and look forward to further joint development of the tools!

🔸 We would like to thank the VMU Education Academy and the International Lithuanian-Israeli gifted children’s education program “Gifted” for their cooperation in organizing the hackathon!