The aim of the website is to help youth workers carry out effective activities in their spheres and to unite young people around one joint platform. The website includes the following sections: about us, materials, energizers,  interactive games, NGOs database.

The “about us” section contains brief information about the website and instructions on the use.

The materials section is for youth workers mainly. Here they can find training materials on different topics like good governance, ecology, gender equality, and the like.  

The energizers section deals with different interesting and activating activities youth workers can use during their events. 

The games section includes interactive games for conducting much more effective training. 

Last but not least, the NGOs database is a section where interested people can find information about the NGOs of the region, their contacts, and will have a chance to join them and become a volunteer.

Besides, there is a google form in the website where people can register and be given access to modify information, add events and contribute to the website.